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"Tokyo" Cyberpunk Sunglasses - Futuristic Silver Mirror Rave Sunglasses

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*Plant a tree, get one FREE (see details at bottom)

Step into the future with these space age cyberpunk sunglasses with mirrored lenses. Perfect for those looking to make a statement, these silver reflective rave glasses are the best sunglasses for music festivals and for elevating your style at the beach or by the pool. Add these futuristic shades as the final touch to your EDM electronic rave outfit set or as a stylish accessory for techwear gear. These mirrored rave sunglasses are more than just rave and techwear accessories; they're a must-have stylish eyewear accessory with 100% UV protection to protect your eyes while making you stand out from the crowd with their sleek futuristic design and reflective lenses.


Mirrored Lenses
Reflect light, hide your eyes, check your sexy self out  

  • Material: Polycarbonate frame & lens
  • Color: White frame, silver lens
  • Protection: 100% UVA/UVB 400 sun protection
  • Clarity: Non-polarized
  • Lens Shape & Style: Rectangular, rimless, mirrored

Polycarbonate Lens Benefits:
-Natural UV filter
-Lighter, thinner, & more scratch-resistant than plastic
-Highest impact resistance/nearly shatter proof (same material as bulletproof glass)

*Plant a tree, get one FREE 
Saving the planet together, one tree at a time...
As part of our eco-friendly initiative, we'll send you a free 2nd pair of Kiwi Kool sunglasses with free shipping just for planting a tree (any style equal or lesser value).

1. Throw on your Kiwi Kool shades & take a photo placing a tree in the ground
2. Email photo to '' with subject line 'plant a tree, get one free'. Let us know which pair of sunglasses you'd like by including the link to that style (specify which lens color, if applicable) and be sure to include your name and shipping address.
4. Wait for your free Kiwi Kool shades to arrive!
*By sending your photo you agree to allow us to post it on our website or other media for promotional purposes. You may rescind our rights to your photo at any time by contacting us and agreeing to pay for the normal cost of the product + shipping.