Refunds, Returns, Replacements

60 Day No Hassle Refunds & Returns
If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you may return like new items for a 100% product refund within 60 days of the date of purchase. We even offer Free Return Shipping Worldwide on all orders $75+ for a risk-free buying experience. 

  • 100% Money Back Product Refund 
    • 60 days, opened items must be in new condition with tags
  • Free Return Shipping Worldwide
    • Free for orders $75+ exchanged for store credit 
  • 1 Year Free Product Replacements*
    • See "Our Awesome Warranty"

Our Awesome Warranty
We live up to our "Wild & Free" motto. Short and sweet, we'll replace your broken and damaged items for a full year, even if you yourself damaged them (*clothing, hats, and stained/spill damaged items excluded). 

There's nothing worse than having the things you love get ruined... We've all seen the utter look of defeat on someone's face who's just sat on their favorite pair of sunglasses, and we'd hate for you to go through with that. That's why we took our warranty to a whole new level.

If you damage your Kiwi Kool apparel we will cover the full product cost to get you a brand new item (you just cover S+H per item $12.99 USA, $17.99 International). So go ahead and have that crazy bonfire dance party on the beach with your straw bag and sunglasses in tow... We'll hook you up with replacements if your adventures get a little crazy.

Why offer such a great warranty? Because maybe you're like us! We're adventurers at heart and are constantly out in nature exploring the world. We enjoy going to exotic places and doing exotic things, but our stuff takes a beating in the process. We thought it would be awesome to offer people like us a chance to live an adventurous lifestyle without about being so worried about protecting their things. So while we can't replace that rainbow unicorn sweater your grandma knitted for you on your 21st birthday, we're happy to cover all of your Kiwi Kool apparel that gets damaged. 

How to Initiate a Refund, Return, or Replacement
Send an email to '' with:

  • Brief description of the item purchased (item name, order #)
  • Pictures of each side of the item to confirm product condition
  • Any special requests you'll love us for helping you out with