Plant a Tree, Get One FREE

We love trees... You love free sunglasses...

Just for planting a tree, we'll send you a free 2nd pair of Kiwi Kool shades. Post a pic of yourself planting a tree while wearing your favorite Kiwi Kool sunglasses, and we'll send you a 2nd pair for free (any style equal or lesser value, free shipping included)!

Help our eco-friendly initiative to give back to nature more than we take. Let's save the planet together, one tree at a time.

How to get your free sunglasses:
1. Take a photo of you planting a tree while wearing your Kiwi Kool shades
2. Email photo to '' with subject line 'plant a tree, get one free'. Let us know which pair of sunglasses you'd like by including the link to that style (specify which lens color, if applicable) and be sure to include your name and shipping address.
4. Wait for your free Kiwi Kool shades to arrive!