Mirror Lens Sunglasses

mirrored lens sunglasses
Anti-Glare Lenses: Improve Clarity in Bright Sunny Conditions

Spend a lot of time in the bright snow and water? Much like polarized sunglasses, glare reducing mirrored lens sunglasses are perfect for bright conditions. Improve your visual comfort with our anti-glare mirror lens sunglasses. These cool shades have an outer reflective lens coating which reflects light away from your eyes to reduce glare and enhance visual clarity.

Mirror Effect Lenses: Hide your Eyes with Added Privacy 

Mirrored lens sunglasses act just like a mirror for others looking at you and make it difficult for anyone to see your eyes. Ever fall asleep in school? Church? Work? The added privacy of mirrored shades is just what you need for taking that nap you're not supposed to, checking out your crush, or anonymously rolling your eyes at Karen's when they've just gone too far... Enjoy a greater sense of privacy with mirrored sunglasses. They’re also pretty cool looking.


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