About Us

Our Story

Kiwi Kool was founded by world travelers passionate about adventure, discovery, and connecting with nature. Our inspiration to start a wildly unique eco-friendly fashion brand came about while backpacking through beautiful Southeast Asia, where the natural, exotic, and laidback vibes captured our souls. We built a brand for people like us; adventurers, nature lovers, bohemians... anyone looking for styles as bold and unique as themselves.


As an independently owned fashion brand just looking to make a difference, we make it easy to support a small sustainable business. We're not a multi-national corporation focused on shareholders and profits... We're instead committed to going above and beyond in everything we do, and that includes giving you a unique and memorable experience with our brand. 

We're not always perfect, but you can count on us to overdeliver when fixing any issues you experience. Our exceptional warranty and return policies are in place to put you at ease, but if you're still unhappy we'll do everything we can to make it right!

Feel free to email us at "Admin@KiwiKool.co" or send us a Facebook message and we'll take care of you right away.