Women's Elegant Straw Crossbody Bag with Black Handle
Women's Straw Crossbody Handbag
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Women's Straw Crossbody Shoulder Bag
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Summer Straw Crossbody Handbag
Straw Crossbody Handbag for Women
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Summer Sustainable Women's Straw Bag
Straw Bag for Woman Summer

Women's Elegant Straw Crossbody Handbag- Tan

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This eco + vegan-friendly women's straw bag is handmade with natural straw & vegan leather for an ethical and sustainable fashion statement. Add this boho chic bag to a classic ensemble or as a stylish complement to funky, retro, and bohemian fashion apparel.

Rustic detail paired with elegant style make this a fun and fashionable women's straw crossbody to use as a music festival bag, summer beach bag, or casual day bag.

Light-weight and easy to carry as a shoulder bag, crossbody, or handbag with a removable shoulder strap and an easy-access drawstring enclosure.

- 12" top width x 9.5" bottom width x 7" height x 5" side

-Strap Drop: Crossbody strap 1-56" (adjustable+removable), handles 4.75"