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"Congo" Zebrawood Polarized Wooden Sunglasses - Blue or Yellow Lens

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*Plant a tree, get one FREE (see details at bottom)

These men's wooden sunglasses are handcrafted with stylish zebrawood, known for its beautifully striped zebra-like wood grain. Just as stylish as they are sustainable, these eco-friendly wood sunglasses are perfect for enthusiasts of nature as well as men's sustainable fashion apparel. 

Handmade with careful attention given to each striking detail, these fashionable wood-grain sunglasses have no two pairs which are exactly alike, giving you a truly unique look. Premium spring hinges, laser engraved logo, and colorful blue or yellow lenses make these wooden shades sexy, sustainable, and superior to plastic sunglasses.

TAC polarized lenses offer pristine clarity and contrast with reduced glare, making them a great pair of anti-glare sunglasses for driving or while in highly reflective and bright environments such as snow and water. Speaking of water, head out on the boat or go for a swim without fear of losing your shades... These light-weight wooden sunglasses float on water!

  • Material: Biodegradable zebrawood frame, polycarbonate lens
  • Protection: 100% UVA/UVB 400 sun protection
  • Clarity: TAC Polarized
  • Spring Hinges: Enhanced comfort, durability, & flexibility (arms flex to fit face)
  • Lens Shape & Style: Rectangular/oval
  • Size (mm): Lens Width- 50,    Lens Height- 41
    Frame Width- 142    Bridge- 24   Arm-145

Polarized Lens Benefits:
-Reduce glare, reflection, & eye strain
-Enhanced contrast with less color distortion
-Increased visual clarity around snow, water, & other highly reflective surfaces

Spring Hinge Benefits:
Greater arm flexibility means less breakage+secure and comfortable fit that adjusts to your face. Awesome for active people in constant motion or for those with wide or narrow face shapes that can't find sunglasses that fit well.

*Plant a tree, get one FREE 
Saving the planet together, one tree at a time...
As part of our eco-friendly initiative, we'll send you a free 2nd pair of Kiwi Kool sunglasses with free shipping just for planting a tree (any style equal or lesser value).

1. Throw on your Kiwi Kool shades & take a photo placing a tree in the ground
2. Email photo to 'Admin@KiwiKool.co' with subject line 'plant a tree, get one free'. Let us know which pair of sunglasses you'd like by including the link to that style (specify which lens color, if applicable) and be sure to include your name and shipping address.
4. Wait for your free Kiwi Kool shades to arrive!
*By sending your photo you agree to allow us to post it on our website or other media for the purpose of promoting our eco-friendly initiative. You may rescind our rights to your photo at any time by contacting us and agreeing to pay for the normal cost of the product + shipping.