Unisex Sunglasses


Radically Different
Kiwi Kool is all about fun times and good vibes, and that's been our inspiration for making cool sunglasses radically different from the rest. Bold, exotic, adventurous... It's how we live, and it's how we design our shades. We make vibrant, colorful, and unique shades that turn heads and make you, you. So to all the wild & free out there... Be Real. Be Different. Be You.


Designer sunglasses are way too expensive
Cheap sunglasses are boring and uninspiring
Mid-range sunglasses seem non-existent

It's so hard to come across sunglasses which aren't either ridiculously expensive or super cheap. What happened to medium-priced cool sunglasses? Walk into any premium sunglasses shop and $200-$300 is the new norm... The alternative? Those $10 black plastic sunglasses you see everywhere that all look exactly the same... Not cool.

There’s a good reason you hardly see any medium-priced quality sunglasses under $100… About 70% of all sunglasses are produced by the same company (they make Ray Ban, Oakley, Prada, Armani, Coach, Versace, and more). This makes it easy for that one company to make $200 the new norm for branded sunglasses. It's also why it's become so difficult to come across quality and affordable sunglasses, but that's where we're changing the game.

Kickass Shades at 1/4 the Price

We’re changing the game and breaking all the rules. We’re making our mark so you can make yours. We're making kickass shades at ¼ the price.

We noticed an obvious unmet need for stylish and quality sunglasses that don't cost a fortune. But how is it that we can offer such awesome shades at a much lower cost? For starters, we’re perfectly OK with not marking up prices 2000% like other sunglasses brands do. More importantly, we’re a small and nimble team with much lower costs than a giant corporation.


Bigger isn’t always better; it’s quite often worse for consumers and the environment. We’re just a couple of friends with a vision, a laptop, and copious amounts of coffee looking to make a difference with a sustainable fashion brand.

By owning a pair of Kiwi Kool sunglasses you’ll be supporting a small business, making a positive environmental impact, and looking pretty damn good in your shades at the same time.

Free Returns & Replacements 

Wanna know what’s cool? Free. Free is cool…And the next best thing? Taking chances with zero consequences (like trying out a new pair of wild sunglasses you’re not quite sure about, but knowing you’ll get free returns if they’re not right for you, and even free replacements for a full year).

Why? For starters, maybe you’re just like us! Adventurous, bold, and always taking the road less travelled. We take chances, try new things, and live on the wild side. But even risk takers like us hate making regrettable decisions, and that’s why we’re making it ridiculously easy to try our shades without the worry by offering free returns and replacements.

Free replacements? Yeah… that’s right. Even after our standard 60 day return warranty, we’ll give you free replacements (only S+H fee applies) even if you yourself damaged them. Sit on you shades, toss them off a cliff, let your demon cat scratch up the lenses, or smash them against the Monopoly board after landing on Boardwalk with a hotel…whatever. We’ve got you. So here’s your chance to try out a cool pair of sunglasses without the worry.

See our detailed “Refunds, Returns, Replacements” policy here: https://kiwikool.co/pages/refunds-returns-replacements