Wood Sunglasses for Outdoor Enthusiast Eco-Adventurers

wooden sunglasses for women and men

Natural Wooden Sunglasses for the Bold & Adventurous Eco Warrior

Looking for a pair of cool unique sunglasses for your next outdoor adventure? Wooden sunglasses are a great choice for outdoor enthusiasts tired of boring, mass-produced shades that all look the same. Wood sunglasses aren't just bold and unique; they're also eco-friendly and have a natural look and feel with their woodgrain design. With cool and lightweight wooden frames, wood sunglasses for men and women are a fashionable and sustainable sunglass choice. 

Embrace Sustainable Style, Celebrate Uniqueness

Wooden shades are a testament to craftsmanship and eco-consciousness. Sustainable sunglass brands like Kiwi Kool use sustainably sourced wood to produce beautifully striped zebrawood sunglasses and lightweight bamboo sunglasses. Natural wood grain frames ensure no two pairs of these handmade wood sunglasses are alike, making these cool shades truly unique. Wooden sunglasses aren't just a unique fashion accessory; they're a reflection of your sustainable fashion values and your passion for both protecting and exploring nature.

See the World Differently: Polarized and Mirrored Sunglasses for Every Adventure

Eco-adventurers need quality sunglasses that can withstand nature's elements. Combine wooden frames with polarized and mirrored lenses for the ultimate anti-glare sun protection and outdoor performance. Kiwi Kool's polarized wooden sunglasses are some of the best sunglasses for fishing, kayaking, hiking, and mountain biking with their polarized anti-glare lenses. Polarized shades block horizontal light rays to eliminate blinding glare and enhance your vision on the water, bright snowy slopes, and sun-drenched biking and hiking trails. For those days where the sun shines with extra intensity, choose polarized sunglasses with mirrored lenses. The reflective coating on mirrored sunglasses provides superior protection by reflecting light off the lenses and adds a touch of cool to your overall look.

Never Lose Your Sunglasses Again: Wood Floating Sunglasses

Whether you're out for a swim or on the boat, go with wooden sunglasses that float! With lightweight wooden frames, most wood sunglasses float on water. Whether it's an unexpected kayaking tumble or a spontaneous dive into the ocean, you'll never have to worry about your favorite pair of sunnies sinking to the depths. This makes wooden shades the perfect companion for any water-based adventure, adding an extra layer of wallet-saving practicality to these cool sunglasses.

The Kiwi Kool Edge: Affordable Sustainability, Uncompromising Style

Choosing ethical, stylish sunglasses shouldn't empty your wallet. While most large fashion brands sell sunglasses over $200, independent sunglass brands like Kiwi Kool offer affordable sunglasses under $100. Budget-friendly small sunglasses brands prove that cool, sustainable, and inexpensive sunglasses do exist and may be worth a look. With Kiwi Kool's wooden sunglasses typically ranging from only $50-$75, non-wooden frames are less expensive and generally fall within the $25-$50 range. On top of that, Kiwi Kool has an industry-leading refund, return, and free product replacement warranty that replaces your shades even if you break or lose them!

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