The Best Sunglass Styles for Your Face - How to Choose the Right Sunglasses for your Face Shape and Size

sunglasses for face shape

A nice pair of shades can take your style to the next level, but it’s tough coming across cool and stylish sunglasses that fit your face well. With so many trendy sunglass styles and shapes to choose from, it can be challenging to find a pair of aesthetic sunglasses that match your facial features. By the end of this sunglasses and face shapes guide you’ll know exactly what to look for when buying your next pair of shades. 

Shopping for the perfect sunglasses really comes down to choosing the right sunglasses for your face shape and size. Whether you're looking for classic, oversized, or sporty sunglasses, there are tons of cool sunglasses for men and women to choose from, but not all styles are created equal when it comes to your unique face shape. This face shape sunglass guide will explore each face shape and size to recommend the best styles of sunglasses for your face. So, let's get right to it and find the ideal pair of shades for you!

Face Shape and Sunglasses
face shapes diagram

Do face shape and size really make a difference with sunglasses? Most certainly! With that said, you’re now probably wondering, “What shape is my face?”... “How can I do a face shape test?”... and, “What are the best sunglasses for my face shape?”... Don’t worry, that’s all covered below! You’ll become familiar with each face shape, the most common sunglass style names, and be able to choose the best sunglasses for your face shape and size. From oval to oblong faces, there’s an ideal pair of sunglasses to match your face

To find out your face shape, start by taking a look below at the defining features of each face. Once you’ve figured out the shape of your face, each face shape section also includes recommended sunglass styles suitable for those facial features. Let’s start with the easiest shape to find sunglasses for; oval faces.

Oval Face Shape Features
oval face shape
  • Forehead and jawline are slightly wider than the cheekbones
  • Face length is longer than the width
  • Gentle curves, with no angles or sharp lines

An oval face shape is considered to be the ideal face shape and is characterized by balanced features and gentle curves. The face length is slightly longer than the width, and both the forehead and jawline are wider than the cheekbones. These features create a harmonious and symmetrical appearance. Oval face males and females are lucky in the sense that they have the ability to pull off a wide range of different sunglasses shapes and styles with an oval face shape. 

From cool futuristic sunglasses to classic retro vintage glasses, an oval face shape has so many unique sunglass styles to choose from! While oval faces benefit from looking great in pretty much any of today’s trendy and fashionable sunglasses styles, the absolute best sunglasses for women and men with oval faces tend to complement the face's natural curves and symmetry. The focus should be on finding a pair of glasses that enhances their natural facial features and does not detract from them. In other words, oval face sunglass styles should be proportional to the face without overpowering it. Another key factor to keep in mind when choosing sunglasses for an oval face is to avoid frames that are too large or too small. Oversized sunglass frames can overwhelm the face, while small frames can look out of proportion. By keeping these tips in mind, you can accentuate your features and create a flattering look that suits your individual style.

Best Sunglasses for Oval Face Shapes
  1. Aviator sunglasses
    Aviator frame sunglasses (think Top Gun pilot and police sunglasses) are classic sunglasses  that work well for many face shapes, including oval faces. The teardrop shape of aviator sunglasses complements the curved lines of an oval face and adds a touch of elegance. Aviators are known for their timeless look and are versatile enough to be worn in many different situations, making them a popular sunglass choice for those with oval faces.   
  2. Wayfarer sunglasses
    Wayfarer frame sunglasses are a popular sunglass style that looks great on oval faces because of their strong, angular lines. The rectangular frame shape of wayfarer sunglasses adds structure to an oval face and provides a trendy edge. Men’s and women’s wayfarer shades provide definition to the face and help to accentuate the natural curves of an oval face. Wayfarers are a timeless classic that never go out of style and can add retro style to any outfit.
  3. Cat Eye Sunglasses
    Women’s cat eye frame sunglasses have a retro-chic vibe and come in a variety of styles, from oversized to dainty. The dramatic upward sweep of cateye frames creates a flattering effect and adds a pop of personality. This fun women’s sunglass style provides a flirty and feminine touch to oval faces with their bold frames and exaggerated curves for an overall chic and fashionable 50s and 60s sunglass design. Cat eye shades may be just what you need for adding glamor and sophistication to your style.
  4. Rimless Sunglasses
    Rimless frame sunglasses are thin sunglasses without frames, giving them a sleek and modern design. Rimless shades provide a lightweight and understated look for oval faces and add a touch of minimalism and simplicity to any outfit. These trendy and unique no frame sunglasses can be stylish without overpowering an oval face shape. If you don’t want to hide your face behind thick glasses frames, a pair of aesthetic rimless glasses may be the perfect shades for you. 
Round Face Shape Features


round face shape
  • Soft, curved lines
  • Rounded jawline
  • Full, prominent cheekbones
  • Equal face width and length

A round face is a face shape that has a similar width and height, resulting in a circular shape. Round faces typically lack defined angles or sharp lines, resulting in a youthful and playful appearance. This face type has soft and curved lines, with a rounded jawline and a fuller cheek area. The cheekbones are prominent and the face may appear slightly wider in the forehead and cheek area, while the chin is round and less defined. 

In general, people with round faces may benefit from sunglass features that add length and angularity to the face shape, as these features can help to balance the face and create a more defined and structured appearance. Men and women with round faces should choose sunglasses that help elongate and slim the face; angular frame (square and rectangular frame) and tall brow line glasses like wayfarer and clubmaster styles are great sunglasses for round faces.

Best Sunglasses for Round Face Shapes
  1. Square Sunglasses
    Square frame sunglasses are a great choice for round face males and females as they have a sharp, angular frame design that creates a strong contrast with the curves of a rounded face. The straight lines of square frame sunglasses elongate the face and add definition to provide a more chiseled look. One step (giant leap?) closer to looking like Henry Cavill or Natalie Portman!
  2. Rectangle Sunglasses
    Rectangle frame sunglasses are another great option for round faces as they also have an angular design and help to balance the circular shape of the face by adding definition.  Rectangle shades have a rectangular shape that balances the curves of a round face for a more structured and defined appearance. The straight lines of rectangular sunglasses provide a flattering contrast and enhance the angles of round faces for a slimming effect by creating a more proportional look. Rectangular sunglasses are also great for those who want to create a more sophisticated looking style.
  3. Tall Browline Sunglasses ( Eg. Clubmaster)
    Sunglasses with a tall brow line, such as club master style sunglasses, will help to elongate the face by drawing the eye upward. This will create the illusion of a longer face and balance the proportions. Browline glasses have a refined, sophisticated design popularized in the 1950s, making these retro sunglasses a classic and stylish vintage glasses frame option.
  4. Aviator Sunglasses
    Aviator frame sunglasses are also a great choice for round faces as they help to elongate the face. The sleek teardrop frame shape of aviators narrows a round face and adds sophistication. Aviator glasses are a versatile frame style that can be dressed up or down, making them a popular choice of glasses for round face women and men. Overall, a sleek pair of cool aviator shades balances the curves of rounder faces for a slimmer look.
  5. Large Oversize Sunglasses
    Oversized frame sunglasses can help to elongate and slim the face by drawing the eye upward. However, it's important to choose frames that are proportional to the face and do not overpower its features. A good rule of thumb is to select frames that are slightly wider than the widest part of the face. Square and rectangle oversized frames would be great for round faced men and women with large faces, as these extra large sunglasses draw attention away from a wide round face.
Square Face Shape Features

square face shape

  • Angular jawline with a square chin
  • Equal face width and length
  • Sharp, defined lines
  • Straight cheekbones

A square face is a face shape that has a similar width and height, with a strong, angular jawline and a square chin. Square faces typically have sharp, defined lines, giving them a strong and structured appearance. The cheekbones are straight and the broad forehead is typically wider than the cheek and jawline. Square faced men and women generally have a strong, bold appearance, and tend to benefit from round sunglass shapes that soften and round their features… As mentioned earlier,  round faces should SHARPEN their features with angular square and rectangle sunglasses, while square faces should do the opposite and SOFTEN their sharp features… (square glasses for round face, round glasses for square face). Round circle sunglasses and oval frame glasses are therefore top sunglass styles for women and men with square faces.

Best Sunglasses for Square Face Shapes
  1. Round Sunglasses (Circle Frame and Oval Frame)
    Round frame sunglasses have a circular or oval shape and are a great choice for square face men and women as they help to soften the sharp angular lines of the face by adding a touch of rounded curves. The curved frames of circular sunglasses and oval sunglasses mimic the natural curves of the face and are great for adding a playful look to a sharp angular face. For these reasons, rounded oval and circle frame shades make some of the best sunglasses for square faced men and women. Round shades are also great for those who want to create a more relaxed and casual look, are trying to complement a vintage boho chic style (think 60s retro round John Lennon sunglasses), or are going for a hipster round Harry Potter glasses style
  2. Aviator Sunglasses
    Aviator sunglasses are a great choice for both men and women with square faces. The teardrop shape of aviator glasses helps to soften the strong angles of a square face, creating balance. The wide top bar of the aviator frame also helps to add width to the top of the face, which is often a feature that square face shapes lack. Additionally, the rounded edges of aviator lenses can help to balance out the sharpness of a square jawline. A pair of cool black aviators can also add edginess to any outfit, making them a versatile accessory for any occasion. With their iconic look, aviator shades have been popular for decades, and continue to be a staple in fashion. Whether you prefer the classic aviator shape or a modern twist on the design, aviator sunglasses are sure to flatter any square face. So whether you are emulating the cool and classic styles of aviator sunglasses worn by pilots (Tom Cruise, anyone?) or looking to make a stylish fashion statement, aviator sunglasses are some of the best sunglasses for square face men and women.
  3. Large Oversize Sunglasses
    Oversized frame sunglasses provide maximum coverage to the face and can help to create a more balanced appearance. The large lens shape can help to reduce the angles of a square face, making it look softer and rounder. The wider frames also work well to reduce the appearance of a wide, broad forehead. Round oversized frames would be a good choice for square faced men and women with large faces, as large round lens sunglasses draw attention away from an overly angular face. Women’s round oversize sunglasses are typically more available than men’s oversized sunglasses, however, as big round frame glasses often have a more feminine look and style.
  4. Cat-Eye Sunglasses
    Cat-eye glasses have a rounded lens shape and a lifted brow line, which can help to elongate and balance the face. The rounded lens shape and upward lift of the frame balances the strong angles of a square face. The feminine and chic style of cat eye sunglasses make them a great pair of retro vintage women’s sunglasses.
  5. Wayfarer Sunglasses
    Wayfarer style sunglasses fit most face shapes and are the classic sunglass style. They have a rectangular frame but with rounded edges, making them well suited for square face shapes as well as pretty much any other shape. You can’t get more versatile than wayfarer glasses for any face shape, and they look great on both men and women. While classic black wayfarers are the most common, colorful wayfarers can add a bit of fun to your style. 
Diamond Face Shape Features

diamond face shape

  • Narrow forehead and jawline
  • Pointed chin
  • Widest cheekbones
  • Length is longer than width

    A diamond shaped face is characterized by a narrow forehead and jawline, with the cheekbones being the widest part of the face. The chin is usually pointed, and the face length is typically longer than the width. Diamond faces are considered to be unique and distinctive, with a balanced proportion of facial features. Women and men with diamond shaped faces should choose glasses that complement their facial structure and highlight their cheekbones. It is recommended for diamond faced men and women to choose sunglasses that are wider at the temples and the cheekbones, helping to balance the narrow forehead and jawline. Some popular sunglasses for diamond face shape males and females include round frame and aviator frame sunglasses. These styles help to soften the angles of a diamond face and add width to the narrow temples of diamond faces. Women’s cat eye frames, with their distinctive cat-like extended frames at the upper corners, are also ideal sunglasses for diamond face females as they widen the look of narrow temples.

    Best Sunglasses for Diamond Face Shapes
    1. Oval Sunglasses
      Oval frame sunglasses have a curved frame that helps to soften the sharp angles of a diamond face. Oval sunglasses also help to balance the face by adding width to the temples, which are often narrower in a diamond face shape.
    2. Round Sunglasses
      Round frame sunglasses have a circular frame that can help to add softness to the angular lines of a diamond face. Rounded sunglasses are also effective in balancing the face by adding width to the temples.
    3. Aviator Sunglasses
      Aviator frame sunglasses have a distinctive frame that adds width to the temples, helping to balance the narrow cheekbones of a diamond face. The teardrop shape of the lenses in aviator shades also helps to elongate the face, creating a balanced appearance.
    4. Cat Eye Sunglasses
      Women’s cat eye sunglasses are the perfect match for diamond shaped face women. These feminine vintage sunglasses bring back the 50s fashion trend and enhance the feminine features of the face. Cat eye shades are great for making a statement and providing a retro look to any outfit; these trendy 50s sunglasses are specially designed to fit a diamond-shaped face and add a touch of glamor to the appearance. With their unique shape that helps to elongate and soften the angular lines of a diamond-shaped face, cat eye sunglasses are trendy shades for women that have become a popular fashion accessory and are great for adding vintage charm to a modern look. Whether you're going to a party, the beach, or simply running errands, cateye glasses are an excellent choice for women with diamond-shaped faces.
    Heart Shape Face Features

    heart face shape

    • Widest at the forehead
    • Narrow pointed chin and jawline
    • Prominent cheekbones

    A heart shaped face is characterized by a wide forehead and a narrow chin, creating a distinctive shape that resembles a heart. Being widest at the top and narrowest at the bottom of the face, a heart face shape creates a structured and defined appearance. 

    In terms of choosing the right sunglasses for their face shape, people with heart face shapes should aim to balance the upper and lower parts of their face by choosing frames that add width to the lower portion of the face. Sunglasses with wider lower rims, such as wayfarer styles, can help to balance the proportions of the face. Additionally, sunglasses with rounded or oval lenses can help to soften the pointed features of the jawline and chin, giving a more refined appearance.

    Best Sunglasses for Heart Face Shapes
    • Cat-Eye Sunglasses
      Cat eye frame sunglasses are a popular choice for women with heart shaped faces due to their feminine and unique frame design. These women’s classic 50’s and 60’s sunglasses create an eye-catching look with their stylish vintage frames. The upward angle of cat frames draws attention upward and away from the narrow chin of a heart shaped face. With their feminine and chic look, cat eye glasses are some of the best sunglasses for heart shaped face women. Whether you're looking to add a touch of retro charm to your everyday look or you want a statement piece to complete your office attire, vintage cat eye sunglasses are a great choice for any woman with a heart shaped face.
    • Round Sunglasses
      Round sunglasses, which include oval and circle frame shades, have become a popular choice among those seeking a cool and trendy look. These fashionable hipster style glasses are known for their distinctive circular frames and offer a unique alternative to the traditional square and rectangular shapes of sunglasses. Round shades are top sunglasses for heart shaped face men and women, as their round shape softens the angles of a heart shaped face. Whether you're looking for a bold statement piece or a classic accessory, round circular frame and oval glasses are versatile and can complement a wide range of outfits and personal styles. If you have a heart face shape and are in the market for a new pair of cool sunglasses, consider adding round shades to your collection.
    • Tall Browline Sunglasses (Eg. Clubmasters)
      Sunglasses with a tall brow line, such as club master style sunglasses, help to elongate the face by drawing the eye upward. This creates the illusion of a longer face with more balanced proportions. For that reason, browline shades are some of the best sunglasses for heart shaped face men and women. The distinctive feature of this sunglass design is the thick upper frame that outlines the brow line, giving them a unique and aesthetic glasses style. Brow line frames add definition and structure to the face, making them an attractive choice for those looking to add some sophistication to their style. This classic sunglasses design has remained popular for decades and is still seen as a trendy and stylish accessory for males and females with heart shaped faces. Brow line sunglasses are a timeless choice for stylish men and women seeking classic retro shades, so if you're looking for vintage sunglasses that are versatile and can be dressed up or down, then brow line sunglasses are the perfect choice for you!
    • Wayfarer Style Sunglasses
      With a slightly rounded/square shape, wide frames, and an angled top frame, wayfarers are great sunglasses for heart-shaped faces. This design helps balance the broad forehead of a heart-shaped face by adding width to the lower part of the face. Wayfarers also create a more proportioned look with their wider frames which draw attention away from the forehead. Additionally, the angular shape of wayfarer style sunglasses complements the curves of the face, enhancing its natural features. With their versatile style, wayfarers are suitable for both formal and casual events, making them a stylish option for heart-shaped women and men.
    Oblong / Rectangle Shape Face Features

    oblong rectangle face shape

    • Longer face length compared to width
    • Narrow forehead and jawline
    • Pointed chin
    • Even face proportions

    An oblong or rectangular face shape is characterized by having a longer face length compared to its width. This long face shape has a narrow forehead and jawline with a pointed chin and even face proportions. The goal when choosing sunglasses for a rectangular / oblong face is to shorten the appearance of the face and add width to balance out this narrow shaped face. Overall, the best sunglasses for rectangle face men and women make a narrow face look wider and shorter.

    Rectangle / oblong face shapes should avoid wide sunglasses, as this will only emphasize the long length of the face. Instead, people with an oblong or rectangular face shape should choose narrow and tall lens sunglasses with a more vertical orientation to shorten the appearance of the face. Aviators, cat eye, rimless, and round / oval frame sunglasses are good glasses for oblong and rectangle shaped faces, as they can help to add width to the face.

    Best Sunglasses for Oblong / Rectangle Face Shapes
    1. Aviator Sunglasses
      With their classic style and distinctive lens shape, aviator sunglasses are trendy shades that have been around since the 1930s as pilot military sunglasses. Aviators became famous as pilot sunglasses with the movie Top Gun in the 80s, but today these badass shades are more than just pilot, Tom Cruise, and Joe Biden sunglasses. Police officers also love these cool shades for their dominant appearance and full face coverage, making them top cop sunglasses. Aviators are also some of the best sunglasses for men and women with oblong faces as their tear drop shaped lenses balance the facial features of oblong shaped faces. The rounded shape of aviator lenses helps to add width to the face to make it appear more balanced, while thin frames also help to shorten the appearance of a long face. Overall, classic aviator shades are some of the best oblong face sunglasses for men and women looking to add some edge and attitude to their style. 
    2. Cat Eye Sunglasses
      Cat eye sunglasses for women are among the best glasses for a woman with an oblong face shape. With their distinct cat eye shape that emphasizes the upper part of the face, cat-eye sunglasses offer a stylish and flattering look for oblong face women. These unique glasses frames help to shorten the appearance of an oblong face and the wider upper frame creates width at the temples, which can help to balance out the narrow jawline. Cat eye shades are stylish sunglasses for women looking for a retro feminine style that complements their unique features. Whether you're going for a retro look or a modern edge, trendy cat eye glasses offer an excellent opportunity to express your personal style and stand out in a crowd. 
    3. Rimless Sunglasses
      Rimless half frame and no frame sunglasses are not only stylish, but also a practical choice for men and women with oblong face shapes. The minimalist and sleek design of rimless glasses adds sophistication to any outfit while also helping to shorten the appearance of a long oblong / rectangle face. The rectangular shape of oblong faces can sometimes appear too elongated or narrow, but rimless sunglasses without frames can make a face appear wider (bulky frames would make the face appear even more narrow than it already is). To add width to an oblong face, rimless shades with round lenses or a curved brow work especially well. If you're looking for a pair of cool and futuristic sunglasses that are also flattering for an oblong or rectangle face shape, then rimless glasses are a great choice for a man or woman with an oblong / rectangle face shape.
    4. Round / Oval Sunglasses
      Round and oval sunglasses are a great option for men and women with oblong shaped faces. The circular frames of round and oval glasses help to draw attention away from the length of the face, making them one of the best sunglass styles for oblong faces. This round frame style can also help to soften the sharp angles of oblong faces. Additionally, round / oval frame sunglasses are an excellent choice for an oblong face shaped man or woman because they help to create a more symmetrical look. Round circular sunglasses have been around for decades, and they continue to be a popular choice for those looking for a classic, retro look. In the 60s and 70s, legendary artists such as John Lennon, Jimi Hendrix, and Janis Joplin made round sunglasses fashionable, and they have since become a symbol of retro 60s sunglasses. Nowadays, these round sunglass styles are still popular, and fashionistas of all ages continue to embrace the round and oval frames. Whether you're looking for a classic, vintage look or a more modern style, round and oval sunglasses are a versatile option that can be worn on any occasion.

    Face Size and Sunglasses

    Best Sunglasses for Large Faces
    1.  Square and Rectangle Oversized Sunglasses
    2. Aviator Sunglasses
    3. Tall Sunglasses
    4. Wide Frame Sunglasses

    Having a large face can make finding the right pair of sunglasses a bit of a challenge, as many styles tend to look unbalanced and out of proportion on large and wide face shapes. With the right choice of frame size and style, however, it’s possible to find the perfect sunglasses for a large face. In the end, it’s all about choosing a frame style that provides contrast and balance and fits comfortably.

    Square or rectangular frame oversized sunglasses are ideal for both men and women with large faces. Oversize frame sunglasses provide excellent coverage for larger facial features, while the wide frame of these glasses helps to create a sense of balance between the face and the glasses. The angular frames of square and rectangle styles in particular also add a slimming effect to a big face. Additionally, the larger frames of oversized shades make them more comfortable to wear for extended periods of time, as they won’t sit too tightly on a large face. Overall, square and rectangular frame oversize sunglasses are a great choice for anyone with a larger face who wants to look stylish and feel comfortable at the same time.

    Aviators are also top sunglasses for people with large faces. The lenses of aviator glasses are usually quite big and the frame itself is generally wider, which can help to balance out a larger face. Aviator shades are also available in a range of sizes, so it is possible to find a pair that fits well and provides adequate coverage for a big face.

    Tall lens sunglasses can be great for men and women with big faces due to their ability to elongate the face and add vertical balance. With large faces having more surface area to cover, tall sunglasses help to create a sense of height and proportion. The vertical lines of these sunglasses draw the eyes upward, creating the illusion of a longer face shape. By providing an elongating effect, sunglasses with tall lenses help to counterbalance the width and size of the face, resulting in a more flattering appearance. 

    Finally, wide frame sunglasses are another option to consider for the primary reason of narrow frame glasses being too tight to fit comfortably on a large face. If you’re unsure about whether or not a certain sunglass frame will be large enough for your face and head, check the sunglass size measurements listed in the product description before buying sunglasses online. If you already have a pair of wide frame or large sunglasses that fit you well, check the measurement numbers printed on the inside of the glasses frames to use a reference for knowing your ideal sunglass measurement. In general, wide sunglasses tend to be over 40 mm wide.

    Best Sunglasses for Small Faces

    Individuals with small faces have unique challenges when it comes to finding the right pair of sunglasses. The goal is to find a style that complements petite face features without overwhelming or overpowering the face. Here are some of the best sunglasses styles for small faces:

    1. Cat Eye Sunglasses
      The playful and feminine cat eye shape of cat-eye glasses adds elegance to a small face. This style typically has a sweeping, upswept shape that can elongate and balance out a petite face.
    2. Round and Oval Sunglasses
      Round and oval shades look great on small faces; the softened curves of round frames can balance out small facial features and don’t overpower the entire face. Just be sure to avoid any oversized frame round sunglasses.
    3. Rimless Sunglasses
      Both no-frame and half-frame rimless sunglasses look great on small faces as they don’t take up the entire face. The lack of a frame creates a minimalist, modern look and an overall small sunglass size for less face coverage. This makes it so a small face doesn’t appear tiny compared to the sunglasses… In other words, rimless shades are a practical and unique style of sunglasses that don’t dominate small faces. This frameless glasses style also creates the illusion of a larger lens, which can balance out smaller facial features.  

    When choosing sunglasses for a small face, it's important to consider the size of the frame and the lens. Smaller frames and lenses are generally more suitable for small faces, as they won't overwhelm or overpower the features. Additionally, a frame that sits high on the bridge of the nose can elongate the face and create a more proportionate look.


    So, you've learned all about how your face shape and size play a crucial role in finding the perfect pair of sunglasses. Whether you have an oval, round, square, diamond, heart or oblong face shape, there's a style out there that will complement your features to make you look great wearing sunglasses. From angular square and rectangular frames to curvy cat-eye and round styles, the options are endless. And let's not forget, your face size matters too! From big and bold to petite and delicate, there's a pair of sunglasses that will fit your face perfectly and make you feel confident.

    The best part? It's time to go shopping! Say goodbye to boring and generic sunglasses and hello to a new, personalized and stylish pair that you'll love wearing every day. Don't be afraid to try something new (such as bamboo and wooden sunglasses) and have fun with it! And remember, sunglasses don’t have to break the bank… If you’re looking for sustainable, cool and affordable sunglasses under $100, an independent sunglass brand like Kiwi Kool has you covered with unique stylish shades for men and women.